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Tjaša Iris 

Kateřina Kocourková

Tsai yu-chieh

Lauren Bickerdike

Tanya Momi

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b. in Slovenia in 1968. She works with both photography and painting, depicting vibrant and saturated images of flowers, gardens and vegetation. Iris’ primary focus is investigating the expressive abilities and nuances of colour.  The last 12 years she mostly spent living/creating/ traveling and exhibiting in South East Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia.

In 2020-2021 she got stranded in Koh Phangan Island in Thailand, due to Covid , where she created a series of artworks called: ANAN (which means peaceful in Sanskrit) SEA GARDENS. The series is very vibrant, but also peaceful at the same time.


Tsai yu-chieh was born in Taiwan, living in Antwerp now.

She earned her Masters degree from Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

She is a Textile Pattern designer, a painter, and a barista..

Trying to Find herself for many years.

She decided to return to basics.

Enjoys doing things that are with the heart.

Believing that people are worthy of a peaceful and beautiful life.

About the paintings - Life Stories

"One life, one story, is enough.

The way of life, stumbled.

I just want to tell a simplest and most important story.

simplest lines, simplest technique, and the most free colors,

I want to face myself honestly with a pure heart.

Each painting is a mirror that reflects who I am inside.

This is my process of returning to myself.

This is my life story."


Lauren Bickerdike is a sound based multimedia artist from Laois, Ireland. She is a graduate

of Limerick School of Art and Design where she focused on Sculpture and Combined Media

and received a BA Degree in Fine Art. Lauren has participated and collaborated in recent

shows including various Irish locations along with London, South Korea  , Italy and France

among others.

Lauren’s practise explores societies and environments, through the context of location. 19: A

Data Melody is a sound piece composed of the daily Covid 19 case and death figures

released by the Irish Government from the first recorded, Covid 19 related, death on the

11th of March 2020 following its fluctuation over the course of 365 days. The figures are

translated into corresponding musical notes to portray an aural representation of the Covid

19 case and death curve in the Republic of Ireland. As the case and death rates rise, the

notes decrease in correspondence. This piece was created with the aid of Irish Arts Council

funding and has most recently displayed at the United Nations General Assembly 2020

under the Global Conversations 2020 international exhibition. Visual documentation was

taken throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic in Limerick city, Ireland, along with the layered

field recorded urban documentation.

"19: A Data Melody is a sound piece demonstrating the rate of Covid 19 cases and deaths, reported daily throughout the Republic of Ireland, over the course of a year, through sound. 

The 11th of March saw the first Covid 19 related death in Ireland. On this day, the World Health Organisation announced an official global pandemic. Using case and death figures released by the Irish government daily, this piece allocates musical notes to corresponding numbers composing a melody consisting of 365 notes. An acoustic timeline of transmission in Ireland over a year develops. As the rate of transmission increases octaves change creating deeper notes. Through the use of musical notes as a representation of data, this piece documents the rate of growth of infection and  the effects lockdowns in Ireland have had over the last year in order to ‘flatten the curve’ and reduce community transmission."