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Intimists 1

Cynthia Rojas        Jessica Feldman
Choi Chin Yee       Sandra De Jaume


Our emphasis is on our artists being Intimists. That is we only represent artists who work alone without assistants, who's work has intimacy, that we can feel the person behind it, the touch and the closeness, someone's hand, that individual touch. As communication now days is all on the phone and the Internet, we represent artists who reach out for something more personal.



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Cynthia Rojas is a Mexican painter born in Los Angeles. She currently lives and works in New York City. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and her MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe and in Asia.

Jessica Feldman Painting as many forms of art, requires a lot of discipline, but in her paintings there is a strict knowledge of geometry, projection and mathematics as well as the human form. Her art is a figurative op art and she is the only Mexican woman artist that makes a fusion between cinetic and figurative art.

The idea of movement and the playfullness  with the spectator makes her work unique and gives a sense of vibration, taking the viewer to the depth of an idea sometimes fragmented and sometimes complete, creating a perspective of the world in an unconventional way.


The most complex, but jet the most near and intuitive of her art, is the representation of the way we can see the intentions, feelings, emotions or thoughts that surround us, making her paintings a powerfull key to the heart.

She has various achievements in the United States, Europe and Mexico including the 2017 Museo Jose Luis Cuevas Prize, Art Taiwan Prize 2018 and ATIM Prize given in the MAD Museum New York and collectors around the world including the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Museum of Latin America in Barcelona, exhibitions such as Torre Mayor, Museo Jose Luis Cuevas, Museo Bicentenario, Museo de Oaxaca, Museo de Arte Moderno, Museo Chan Liu Taipei, Mexican Senate, Mexican Lotery and Latin American Museum L.A. and in different galleries around the world.

In her paintings women are key. "I want to give a place to women and to give voice to our surroundings. For me, women are the pilar of everything, they are and always will be the icon of family, union and tradition. She teaches, educates, passes knowledge and rules. She hugs, scolds, cures and comforts. She is mother, friend, sister, wife, worker and a constant fighter."

Choi Chin Yee was born and raised in Hong Kong (born 1993) , graduated from University of Arts London on fine art photography. Intimacy, solitary, relationship and space are my research subject. Apart from photography my major interest are on films and books. Choi had her first solo show in Hong Kong in November 2018.

When we look at the same scenes every day, we inadvertently take them as mundane, plain and flat. Choi researches on objects, scenery, and the everyday life: relationships, interconnectedness, the intimacy and estrangement within, and the many interpretations.

Sandra De Jaume was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1978.

Her technique is distinguished by the treatment of the abstract backgrounds that suggest nests of fragments with intertwined pigments, where characters enter in a complex, al-though clear atmosphere, creating a world of “metarreal” appearance.When people contemplate the work of De Jaume, they feel disconnected from reality to immerse themselves in an intense, dreamlike and surreal world, moved as if it were a Stendhal Syndrome, as it happened in the presence of her latest collection “Ad Infinitum”.Throughout her career, her work has tilted towards the “black paintings”, a Baroque style fused with a kind of modernism with a strong conceptual content, such as the one that can be seen in the new project she is preparing to submit soon.

In 2013 her work was shown at the fair of contemporary art in New York “Pool Art Fair New York” and, since then, she has exhibited her works in several places like New York, Seoul, Madrid, Monte-Carlo, Braga, Ourense, Malaga and Melilla, through galleries and art museums, as the Museum Casa Ibáñez.

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