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Beautiful World 2


Osmolovska Anatasiia

Nagia Siouli

Vasiliki Merianou

Tetiana Holovko

Ines Mourato

Sam Heydt

Jessica Burke

Hakima Jnah

Gissele Bautista

Neermala Luckeenarain


Gissele Bautista is an artist, creative director, and designer based in Manila, Philippines. She grew up as an art hobbyist then pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Santo Tomas. She worked as a creative in the advertising industry for 15 years while pursuing her many passion projects on the side - painting, block printmaking, and being involved in art exhibitions. In 2020, she decided to focus more on her art. 


Finding beauty in which others often overlook, is what she chooses to create. Her paintings are a result of years of countless style experimentations and her constant effort to differentiate herself from her peers.

Working mostly using acrylic paints, her subjects are usually women, women characters, their thoughts, feelings, and the scenarios they’re going through. She combines them with florals that branch out as her subjects open up and bloom. Details are meticulously painted with iridescent paints that give off colors and added dimensions when illuminated.


Anastasiia Osmolovska artist from Ukraine. 

Works in style of realism. 

Specializes in oil painting of flowers.

2015 took part in the charity exhibition “Colors of Life”. The exhibition was displayed at the House of Artists in Kiyv.

2016 took part in the exhibition "Autumn Kaleidoscope". The exhibition was displayed at the House of Artists in Kiyv.

2020 took part in project «Reflections for Change»

2021 has personal exhibition “Spring memories about flowers dreams”

Is currently preparing for an exhibition in Vienna and a large personal exhibition in Ukraine.

Artist love to paint flowers, because they are real and honest. Like our lives, they shine brightly and fade quickly. She wants to keep the moment of their triumph on the canvases as long as possible. Her paintings about the need to live here and now – while we flourish, without postponing life for later…The theme of flowers is not accidental for her.

Her grandmother Lyudmila, as far as She remembers, was a skilled florist (she painted canvases with dried flowers), participated in art exhibitions, although she worked as a microbiologist.

As a child, Anastasiia and her brother often collected “materials” for grandmothers paintings in forests and meadows. Therefore, since childhood, Anastasiia is well versed in flowers and plants. Later even graduated from floristics courses, has a degree in floristry. 

Works are in open and closed collections in Ukraine and around the world.


She was born in 1991 and now lives and works in Kyiv (Ukraine). She left

from art school in Poltava (Ukraine), where she learned the main artistic

techniques. After school, she had a break like any creative person. She

kept doing it until set off to Israel a few years ago. She dipped into Israeli

culture totally. She was inspired to keep creating this piece of art. She

works with different materials such as charcoal, chalk, acrylic, and oils.

Upon creating her works she inspires nature environment, people feelings

and various ties between all of them. Her works focus on expressing and

covering different aspects of Universe existing and individual items. She

puts something special feelings into her works. People can find their own

thoughts looking at her portfolio. She exposes various items such as

Universe existence, the Earth origin, energy movements, feelings and

emotions. All of these bring us to unbelievable and marvelous world. She

believes that each flower can absorb whole world. She wants remind

people of our planet and as far as beautiful our world is. The tiny flower,

wind breath, sunlight are worth living. It’s a huge value for us.


Naglia Souli  is based in Athens and she is currently studying at the School of Fine Arts

( department of Fine Arts and Science of Arts ) of the University of Ioannina.

Her main direction of creativity is Sound Art and Interactive Installations. Painting was

always for her the main form subject of which contains the terms of perspective which

are, of every aspect, the first risk to visualize her idea.

Her work “Untitled’ is a study based on her philosophical research about the position of

woman’s essence in a room of empty chairs which in a way can visualize the female

sexual interaction in the complexity of positions of power.

The work depicts the idea of Goya according to the work of “Atropos” that was created

during the Period of Black Paintings (1819 - 1823). The processing of the work “After”

is based on the original nature of the idea of the bound man in front of the three

degrees: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos (from left to right) in a modern direction of the

individual’s personal commitment to the reality of social moral standards and the

discomfort of racial identity.

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