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Eleonora Islamova

Kelley Finley

Sebastian Laszczyk

Giulia Giannola

Igor Zusev

ELEONORA ISLAMOVA, PLANET EARTH, latitude: 43.238949, longitude: 76.889709

She lives by the mountains in her hometown. She believes she’s 34 years old at the moment. She was a

weird child that didn’t have many friends, hence why she spent most of her childhood drawing. To her,

her mom was the best artist in the world, who drew most beautiful princess and so she dreamt of one

day becoming as good of an artist as her mom was. But her dad was of a different opinion. He insisted

that Eleonora kept focus on math and physics to follow his footsteps, when she grows up. And so, she

did, but she kept her true passion on and in her free time worked on her artistic craft and vision. A true

artist always follows his/her calling. She waited for the right time. And the right time came after birth of

her second child. Through her art she hopes to spread and instill basic ideas of kindness, compassion,

happiness, mental health and inward balance to humanity.


Sebastian Laszczyk was born on May 31, 1994 in Rzeszów. I graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts with a BA in Painting and Painting Techniques in 2019 with an Artistic Diploma, Lost. In 2020, I graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, receiving a master's degree in graphics in a graphic studio with a diploma of Pole Oka, Six Walls and Action Figures in the Conclave and Multimedia studio, creating the film etudes of Nine Exhausts. I have participated in many international exhibitions of the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Japan, Armenia, Serbia, Belgium and at home. Currently, a third-degree student at the doctoral studies.


Kelley Finley is an artist who primarily works in sculpture, installation, and site-specific work. Finley received her BFA in Fine Arts at Kutztown University. She is a visual artist whose work explores personal identity as a biracial woman and formal aesthetics that investigates the relationship between fragility and solidity.


Finley’s choice in materials is largely based upon how they will interact and contradict with one another. As an artist she pushes these materials into new ways of utilization and manipulation until they reach a breaking point. In creating works this way she captures a precarious structure. When creating pieces Finley works as an engineer balancing and adding weight to specific points in order to make these turbulent forms stand. By enforcing and utilizing her body to hold up these structures as she makes them, they become sculptures that can be reminiscent of an abstract anatomical form. Scale is a paramount part of her work as she wants her works to confront and encompass the viewer.


Giulia Giannola is an artist from Italy born in 1985. She currently lives in Naples, Italy, where she is originally from.

She started working with video and performance art during my studies at IUAV University of Venice.

There she had the chance to study with many international artists and curators.

Venice was a perfect set for videos and performances because it has no cars, beautiful buildings, an amazing lagoon and canal.

Later on, she moved to Berlin to finish her Master Degree. There she took part in many exhibitions and won the prize of the “President of the University of the Arts of

Berlin” where she was studying.

This prize allowed her to participate in exhibitions and to get a study scholarship for one year from the state of Berlin.

She also had the chance to participate in many exhibitions worldwide like in Israel,

Marocco, France and others countries.

Currently she is producing a new performance for video.

Recently she started working also with photography. Composition interests her a lot when she is working with video as well.

Her main theme is “time”, and how it transforms situations.

She usually transforms everyday life situations by stretching and delaying time durations, or create choreographies with simple actions.

For this exhibition she is presenting photographs and some video-stills of her video-works and videos.

The Photograph is a “Still Life”, adapted with contemporary objects.

It also reflects on time and how societies, situations, and consumerism goods change.