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Sudrak  Khongpuang

Marija Kolmanić

Diana Andreescu

Ling Li Wang

Chayma Ben Said

Vilma Leino



Sudrak Khongpuang is a Thai artist and started her career as a professional painter in 2003 Sudrak is

renowned for the use of vibrant colours to document the Thai countryside and the old rural way of

life. Her oil colours on the canvas are modern Landscape paintings, inspired by her carefree

childhood years spent with her grandparents upcountry. Later, she developed her work by applying

Buddhist teachings as inspiration for her creations. And now, she is focused on researching subjects

of changes in today's global society for current painting making.

Sudrak received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in art education

from Burapha University, a well-known university in eastern Thailand. And then she decided to

focus on working in fine art seriously for is a professional artist.

She spent the first 6 years of her professional career perfecting her techniques and discovering

her distinctive style. Ever since then her artworks have been shown to public viewing – both in

solo and group art exhibitions.

In addition, Sudrak has been invited to be the residency artist of South Bay Contemporary in the

United States of America (USA) and had two solo exhibitions were included, 1st in 2016 and 2nd

in 2018 The most recent solo exhibition, "A Tale of Two Shores" at SoLa Gallery in Los Angeles

city, was chosen as the first highlight of the year 2018 in the EasyReaderNews's review,

publishing media of the USA.

And in 2021, she has been selected as 1 of 9 artists from around the world. To publish interviews

and artworks in a special issue of “LandEscape art review” magazine distributed worldwide.

Her paintings are celebrated by art collectors. And her exhibitions are praised by the public and

media, both in newspapers, magazines, and television by both domestic and foreign.


Marija Kolmanic was born 1985 in Croatia and now her home is Ireland, for 7 years now she is a Dublin based visual artist. Master's degree in Academy of applied arts and D.B.S. in Graphics design had helped her to work on solo and group exhibitions, book illustrations as well as at public art commissions.

During years of experimenting, she took pleasure in lots of techniques and methods, feelings and materials, influenced by the abstract expressionist movement. With the expressive content of her own experiences in the last 6 years as a 5rythms dance practitioner, she jumped to investigation in styles, meanings, and movements much deeper.

Contrast and textures in many variations and layers are continuously grabbing a big part in her playing with colors. Collage is a new experiment she is falling in love with. Here the intention is to point to distractions that are moving us away from our true being.

She was awarded by the National Foundation as the best activist in implementing civil initiatives in Croatia. Art Magazine from California had an interview and published her work.

Today she is a member of Visual Artist Ireland, Irish artists online galleries: ArtClick and Art4you. She is a dance co-op team volunteer and for 12 years now she is running an online Etsy shop.


Diana Andreescu (b. 1979) is associate prof. Phd., at West University, Faculty of Arts and Design, department Design (since 2004), Ornella Design Company founder and coordinator - design studio and print production (since 2007), Initiator and founder of the Art club in clouds - creative education for children in Timisoara (2013-2015), Erasmus International projects coordinator in the Faculty of Arts and Design Timisoara (since 2005), Scenographer at Puppet Theatre Merlin in Timisoara (2000-2006), Product designer at the company Green Forest Timisoara (2001 -2002). Member of the Artists Union of Romania (since 2007), Member of ADI - Italian designers Association (since 2004), Member of AIGA - the professional association of designers (since 2016).


Chaima Ben Said is an experienced artist who was born in 1991 in Tunis.

she received her BA in Technical Science in 2010 she obtained her BA in 2013 majoring in Animation

Film Design and Production, additionally to a MA in Production and Production Assistant in 2015, a

year later she joined the living arts center of rades.

Her passionate to the visual art driven her to practice different aspects in the field start with painting,

graphics, animation, illustration and printmaking.

Her work has been always remarkable with the graphic touch, you can clearly see the slight details in

her work from lines to the contours, and the curves. all these elements combined with a richness in

colors, take us to see through her imagination. Chaima was inspired by a world full of nature and the

wood element was an inspiration for her to practice wood engraving along with different inks where

she finds a piece of heaven. Obliviously, the combination of the natural element and her inspiration

take the viewers to anther dimensions.

She has participated in various exhibitions since 2011, at the Ibn Kholdun Cultural House, at the Holy

Cross Gallery, the Ibn Rachiq Cultural House, Sidi Bou Said Gallery, DOKAN BOM Tsukuba where she

was successful in grabbing the press’s attention.