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Group On-Line Exhibition:



emerging and mid-career artists 






Jose Ignacio Hernandez

Svetlin Trendafilov 

Maja Puđa

Fahmida Enam Kakoli

Ling Li Wang

Lakshmi Deepika

Vanessa Cardui

João Góis

Paul Delpani


Ling-Li Wang is a non-traditional Taiwanese artist who creates surrealistic and

abstract yet simple pieces using ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, drawing pads and

lots of passion.

She studied mechanical drawing and worked in the field of 2D and 3D computer

drawing for several years before discovering the world of art therapy which is

how she found her way of creating.

Her pieces have won several awards and participated in international exhibitions,

most recently including the London Art Biennale 2021, United Kingdom and the

Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize 2021, Italy.

You don’t need to prepare any thoughts before you try to see her works, She enjoys

different opinions and angles from different cultures and backgrounds! Which makes her

think “Oh! So they can actually become...”

The images tell the stories of her life, her gains, her pains, her hopes and her

fears. “Creation is a way for me to talk to myself.” says Wang.

Her art is not only a reflection of the changes in her life, but also a power that

gives her strength to face life’s challenges. “I created, then I grew.” says Wang, “I

appreciate that I’ve learned how to draw. When I draw, I question. I question

back, I answer, I seek, then I break through.”

In her art, worlds develop, spread and link together. Each has its own story.

You’re welcome to discover these worlds!

This is her second exhibition with the gallery. She also participated in: HERE COMES THE SUN Exhibition in November 2021.


Maja Puđa was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on January 17 1999.  She graduated from

High School as an economic technician in 2017 and enrolled into the Art Academy in Split.

In 2020 she completed undergraduate study program of Fine Culture and Fine Arts (

Currently she is enrolled in the final year of the Graduate program. 

In spare time she works as an makeup artist with two degrees.

"Metaphysics is the spring of my inspiration and the path I follow while searching for

possible solutions. I have shown landscapes that are prolonged by thought and sense of

another dimension which is not visible to us, but as such exists. Man, animals, and the

smallest object appear associatively as an indication while making the statement of the

self-recognition. I am using layer transparency, shape overlap and dynamic flow to

emphasize the importance of energy while I am using it as the inspiration for the "Reservior". "

About the painting: 

"Essence of the Horse" (oil on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2021.)

These are the spiritual and molecular cells of a powerful being as shown. From tiny to

large and functional circuits, it becomes a huge force of energy. I fictionally create layers by

which I emphasize the strength of the animal in motion. The unmutable part in the eye gets

a new meaning and suddenly fiction becomes a world of evil. “Nature is born before us as

an image, as an opportunity: landscapes, horizons, dreams, strata...and people. The

characters are muted, possessed, as if someone behind called the empty faces and gave them

eyes to see where they are going."


Deepika tells us: 

"I am a visual artist whose projects involve paintings using pointillism as the form of art. My

work is a mix of natural and interpretive art and I use nature as my major theme of

communicating my thoughts on canvas, leveraging the essence of life and environment with

the ideals of human innovation to create a lively, flowing artscape. For the past few years, I

have been an active professional artist and my projects examine the topics of life, creation

and sustainability.

I am currently in my final year of Bachelor of Fine Arts and aim to become an active

professional artist and art educator with ambitions for national and international projects and

exhibitions to explore new forms of artistic expression while examining the various impacts

of the confluence of cultures on modern day visual art.

In the early stages of my career, when I joined the course in fine arts, there was a lot of

intrigue and excitement as I learnt new styles and art forms. Later there was the agony of

having to comply with certain ‘rules’ of art and while I did rebel against it, I found that the

compliance allowed me to be more competitive and made me obsessed with painting and to

aim for perfection. This led to a lot of revisions in my paintings and I learnt to study and

understand the intricacies and minutiae of art. Finally, I now have a sense of completeness

about where I stand regarding my choice of art styles.

My interest lies in creating a distinctive use of pointillism and experimenting with various

mediums and styles like stippling, pointillism and dot painting, while using different types of

paper and canvas. As I shift towards a more publicly engaged focus, looking beyond the

traditional gallery and art world model, I am increasingly focused on live sketching, mixing of

mediums and taking my art to more people - which feels like an organic extension of my

artistic skill and its focus on engagement."


Known for his dream kind of atmospheric landscapes, Svetlin Trendafilov is a 29-year-old artist, poet, writer, musician and

photographer from the town of Kavarna, Bulgaria. Self-taught author.

Works at the techniques of oils and watercolor painting, so as

cartoon drawing.

Graduated designer of architectural environment (Bachelor) and

teacher-educator of visual arts (Master).

Former dance sport competitor with a coaching aptitude. Vice-

champion of 5 cities and second in Bulgaria in 2006

Contemporary relative of the legendary writer Yordan Yovkov.

Author of 6 solo fine art exhibitions (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,

2018) and participant in both collective national and international

exhibitions in Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Romania, Italy,

Pakistan, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Malaysia, Singapore,

France, Indonesia, USA, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Vietnam,

Korea, Japan, Nepal, etc.

Award winner of more than 90 prizes of Visual Arts, including

Australia, Germany, Egypt, as well.