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Group On-Line Exhibition:



(emerging and mid-career artists) exhibition period:


15 MAY - 14 JUNE 2023


Sofia Monzerratt

Natasha Papika


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

I am interested in reframing the contours of everyday objects or structures and appropriate them so that their readjustment into space will suggest an intimate place, which functions as a totality, as an ‘object of thought’.

In this case, the inspiration point refers to the contours of transporting mediums, a sailing ship, and a bike. 

The viewer is able to interact with the object, as the wooden blocks, appropriated as Lego, are loose, and expand the narrative in an intuitive and personal manner.

Each viewer is invited to recreate her/his own place by interacting with the sculptures. 

Each piece is handmade, including the cut-outs on the surface of the blocks, that imply 'rhythmic qualities' in the composition. 

The cut-outs trigger the viewer to discover 'the absolute fit', and appropriate the object further.

Additionally, the cut-outs translate to my personal gesture as an attempt to create a 'bridge' between drawing and sculpture.


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