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This collection is about women artists who have more than one calling in their lives and how powerful this is, the power it creates for their work as visual artists.


Born in Belgrade, 1986. She graduated in Archaeology and achieved a M.A. degree in Egyptology at the Faculty of Philosophy at University of Belgrade. From there she moved to Croatia and had success as a SF writer, with more than 40 short stories published in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her next station was Germany, where she started to paint. In only six months her works were part of a group exhibition at Zadar, Croatia (International mail art project), and after that at Armory Artweeks in New York. In October and November 2018 she had her first solo exhibition in Germany. Since then, she exhibits regulary at Galleries and Online exhibitions internationally.

She looks for inspiration in her surroundings and in media and is very sensitive to injustices in society. That is why she tries to be the voice of sexual and gender identity minorities, of women, animals, dying nature on our planet and is criticising consumerism. Through her art, she wants to empower marginalised groups in society, to encourage them to speak. Most of the time she paints with oil colours on canvas.


Is a painter who combined her career as a judge from 1983 until 2003 and a lawyer for the European Commission in Brussels from 2004 until 2015 . Her paintings mainly circle around the human male or female figure in relation to others or alone. She is fascinated by faces and hands and love to capture people in a special moment of deep emotion. In most cases she does not paint following a photo or a model. The faces and people come up without a real person behind them.

Often she shows people in a situation of insecurity or in a dreamlike state. As Paul Klee, the German Painter, said for himself, she wants to make the invisible, visible. The people she paints are not easy to categorize, they seem to be in a state of ‚in-between‘. she does not want to show good or bad, She wants to capture an idea of how their soul expresses itself in their being without laying open their secret. She does not want to show a ‚real‘ face, she wants to show the face in a more abstract way as if seen from within in a moment of truth. Her inspirations are dreams, literature and photos.


In her art she nearly never works with a clear intention when she starts. She has some ideas, but very often she starts by letting color and shapes take over. And then, she is doing pure painting, without knowing where the process is going to take her, Some ideas come up. She pauses to have a look at what comes up on the canvas and then, at some magical moment, she knows how to express what she wants to express. So, the creative process first of all is a process of letting go of all concepts and narrow intentions - to then find something what really wants to come up.


She wants to show the immense power and grace of a human person in all its states and situations when the soul shines through. She wants to create a moment of fascination, ambiguity and wonder when looking at her paintings without being able to exactly express in words what the painting means.

She wants to find means to see the world through a painter’s eyes and finding a language of colors and shapes for things and situations that words cannot express.


Born in 1974, she studied Media Design (diploma with honour in Munich, 1999)

and had  been working as art director for different agencies in Europe and clients worldwide.

Besides that she travelled the world for a lot of months. 

And finally she  has to admit she adores Asia (and would love to live there).

Asian flora and culture inspires her: 

the beauty of plants as orchids and strelitzia or the woodblock prints of Japanese masters like Hiroshige or Hokusai.

Her creative project is called MA-VIDA, (my life in Spanish).


Name at birth: Nanik Suryani,  was born at Banyuwangi East Java,Indonesia.

She graduated from Stiba University in Malang, East Java,Indonesia with a bachelor of arts degree in foreign literature and languages,fell in love with art and cannot stop loving it. She read a book “Everyone can draw” which motivated her to start learning how to draw, she then completed private art courses and started a career of a professional artist. Bali inspired her strongly. She feels it makes  artistic blood flowing inside of her. Artists such as William Hofker and Ton Schulten have

inspired and influenced her artistic style.  Aboriginal art also has had a profound influence on her.

By following and learning from  modern and contemporary arts and through self-development, she have finally became a consensusism artist.

Consensusism style is characterized by abstract geometric compositional works in balance with the roots of impressionism and the elements of shape, light and color.