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Our emphasis is on our artists being Intimists. That is we only represent women artists who work alone without assistants, who's work has intimacy, that we can feel the person behind it, the touch and the closeness, someone's hand, that individual touch. As communication now days is all on the phone and the Internet,

We represent artists who reach out for something more personal.

This collection is different from the previous ones for the reason that we decided to include some men artists as well. We took this decision to show that we do not discriminate against men. We made a selection of some men artists, who we think merit very much to be seen, admired and discovered.

Alberto Balletti

Marco Trentin

Jeremie Lebenge

Prissia Larissa Ligon Liboon

Jiao Tang

Kristina Daukintyte Aas

Marina Shareef

Yulianus Yaps

Leyla Brashka  



A very promising young painter, currently still a student at A.B.A, painter. In his work we often find the compositions of still life’s of shoes that he treats in his subjects as brand image, witness, apologist for the life of man; of his personality, his social rank and his Journey "the buffalo dies but leaves their skin dying; thus the man dies, and

leaves his mark and his reputation." in nature. The idea of painting the shoes came to his mind for the first time, when he wanted to immortalize his shoes that have crossed with him a whole year and to paint them was a way for him to show his gratitude towards them, while seeking to circumvent the artists relevant to these subjects in particular Vincent Van Gogh in his series of shoes and Charlie Chaplin in his film of the gold rush which were for him source of motivation... So he said to himself: "If men have languages, shoes have them too, they are part of the vestiges which bear witness to the life of the person who put them on”. In short, it is an apologue of its owner and the latter by wearing it lends it its form, so they also bring its suffering; then it becomes the imprint of the person and reflects his personality.



Alberto Balletti was born in Treviso (Italy) in 1968 He has two degree, one in Painting from the Brera Fine Arts Academy (Milano) in 1990 and one Specialization in Visual Arts Project and Production (CLASAV) from The Architecture Academic Institute in Venezia (IUAV) in 2003 Since 1990, he is etcher, photographer and movie maker describing himself as an…. amphibian artist. He shares his life and work between the Lake of Garda and Milano. Since

1996, Alberto Balletti teaches etching in the Fine Arts Academies. In 2007, he gets tenure and becomes professor at the Venezia Academy where he teaches ten years. From 2016 he teach in Brera Fine Arts Academy (Milano).


was born in 1992 and now lives and works near Venice. He graduated from the Institute of Advertising Graphics and Photography where he got to know the various techniques related to graphics and the rudiments of photographic language.

Subsequently he enrolled to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he deepened his technical knowledge related to intaglio and wood engraving. Even though engraving remains the means by which to produce and create, his attention has remained tied to a wider graphic communication considering photography and digital media to deal with.

He is part of an artistic association "LAB 43", based in Mestre (Venice) with which he has been collaborating for some years now. Now he is teaching graphics and photography.

He is mainly dedicating himself to woodcut and chalcography. Through graphics and its language, he is creating representations that try to manifest the criticality of the existent, and through them he invites a personal criticality against the forces that try to govern us daily, both inside and outside.

Art is constantly linked to the subject and he is always creative in all circumstances. He determines himself through the experience of his choices and through the teaching that the choices and wishes of others can transmit to him. Every being lives in power as long as it is capable of conceiving and imagining, it will be able to create itself and the universe around it. Art is the experience of truth. It is, and should be, the mark of our step. The artist is without self-worship: being an artist is not a celebration of one's role or of the character created by the show. Reveal to the world what feeds only on truth. Reality and truth that grow by making use not of the manifestations of one's own actions, of the products of intimate intervention in reality, but of the unique and unrepeatable ability and experience that comes from its action. Maybe only art, daughter of love and freedom can guide us, teach us all the truth.

A truth that consists of myriads of narratives to which we are subjected daily. Our truth is made up of small details that are placed in an individual panorama in which it is up to us to verify how much of the "real" we can trace back to the "real", to become definitively part of us.


Izzy Libo-On born during the year 1996 in Ilo-Ilo City, The Philippines. Traveled with her conservative parents and finally settled down in Manila for college. Izzy studied in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde under the School of Design and Arts receiving a degree in Photography.

Her works either concentrate on a dream base from her childhood or mythological stories or on the playfulness of the body. Currently, Izzy resides in Manila City working as a freelance photographer.


“Mahrinnart” can be considered as Marinna Shareef’s alter ego, confident but aware of her

feelings as someone being treated for bipolar disorder. In emulating “Mahrinnart”, she distorts

self-portraits to visually make sense of the thoughts and feelings she experiences. The two

extremes, mania and depression are explored, as well as the combination of the two referred to

as mixed episodes through both digital and physical media. Vivid colors are manipulated to

attract viewers to dark subjects, highlighting manic depressive experiences with rainbows, glitter

and confetti. It is not her aim to not to glorify the illness, but to use a surrealistic approach to

transport others into a world that isn't theirs, so that they can better understand hers. ‘Mahrinna’

has completed her Fine Arts degree at the University of the West Indies and has exhibited in the

National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago in the ‘UWI Degree Show,’ and in the

‘Emerging Artists’ exhibition during Carifesta 2019.