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emerging and mid-career artists 




Anna Naumova

Aleksandar Pedovic

Zhuchenko Ekaterina

Oleksandra Kulikovska

Tumininu Gbebire

Liz Miller

Adeline Charneau 


Founder and CEO of the international visual arts project “The Iwano Project” with

amount of interaction between cultures of far east and our western cultural heritage.

Large-scale group international exhibitions of The Iwano Project, was opened by

more than 23 foreign ambassadors and cultural attachés from foreign countries…

Proffesionaly educated in the visual arts in wide, graphic design, unique design,


For professional work in the visual arts have received ower 30 significant awards...

Two times was president & CEO of UPIDIV – Association of applied arts artists and

designers of Vojvodina – Serbia, a member of Icograda.

Have taken part at more then 108 group exhibitions and several Workshops in the country

and abroad, and a eighteen individual exhibitions...

New activities is in the implementation of "intangible" creation and synthesis of

Art & technology on complex projects like that:

In the field of “land art” installations with art objects in the producing green energy in the

„Positive Energy Park“ project, or concept project in wide area of visual arts

„Organic Digital Art-In-Motion COLOURS“, in the comming time of

"New Technological Renaissance"...

“I’m drawing the Moon, and one line seems too many“


Anna Naumova – graphic artist, based in Poland, born in 1990 in Kharkiv (Ukraine). In

2021 she graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in War-

saw. Her scope of work includes painting, drawing, graphic arts (lithography, serigraphy),

multimedia and graphic design. In her work she analyses themes of memory, psycho-

analysis and urban architecture. Apart from art, she studied Journalism and Social Sci-

ences and Psychology at the Univeristy of Warsaw - interest in these fields also resonates

in her works.

She also works as a graphic designer and conducts masterclasses in teaching and draw-


The practical part of the degree piece was made in the lithography studio in Warsaw at

her alma mater. It consists of nine graphic artworks made in the technique of serigraphy,

titled “Internal Landscape”. In the design process analogue photography and lithography

prints were used. The focus of the work are landscape images from my dreams, showing

the childhood home. A housing project in Kharkiv, in my mind, became the archetype of

home, a stage where the unconscious transforms into symbolic visions. In my works I

struggle to recreate that dreamy place.

A dream is a little bit like a creative process itself. The childhood home is embedded,

“imprinted”, in our mind so that we refer any other future place to it. The dreamt visions

are condensed into visual signs. As humans we have the natural need to synthesise,

classify different phenomena and build systems of meanings. The signs that I create,

however, are not assigned to one particular meaning – the meaning is, rather, obscure

and mysterious.

The form of signs itself are based on the simplest, most basic shapes (cross, square,

circle). Abstract compositions are made of fragments of the real world - textures or

objects come from the photographs that I take with my analogue camera. Those are often

modernist/brutalist architecture of the housing project of Saltavka, but also deserts/rocks/

mountains from more distant travels (e.g. Middle East, Caucasia). Minimalist structures,

rhythm, reflected symmetry are the substance of my primeal, archetypical place – home.

The image which all other images will be referred to and will interact with.


Tumininu Gbebire is an Artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Born in 1994.

Her passion for Art led her to the Yaba college of technology. There she studied at the school of Arts and design.


She works as an Art consultant and a Mural specialists. She also facilitates Art exhibitions and events. Tumininu enjoys volunteering, using Art therapy to work with mental health patients.


The theme of her current works are “Time” and “Lifestyle “. Here she transforms everyday situations using simple actions into a body of Arts.


She present this painting as “My hiding place” inspired by her introverted lifestyle, the piece reflects her originality and her time in solitude.

Adeline CHARNEAU is a French woman art digital artist, graduated in plastic arts, contemporary practices and creations , in aesthetics and art sciences and graphic design, she also graduated in educational sciences, educational neurosciences and educational engineering .
Her works can be defined as minimalist, geometric, symbolic, philosophical but also political. 
All along her artistic works, she questions anthropological narratives and proposes to develop critical thinking  about the human condition. 
All living organisms are in constant evolution. This was defined by Charles Darwin in his theory of the evolution of species, and this evolution carries a share of randomness and variation.
With the upsurge of nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and cognitive science, new anthropological narratives appear redesigning the shapes of a human being fixed, transformed or even enhanced . Homo sapiens can now manipulate his DNA, transgress natural selection and eliminate the element of chance.
Vision of a better world or an apocalyptic world?
The only way for a human being to adapt to his environment is by understanding and accepting his humanity, his interconnection with others and with Nature. Adeline CHARNEAU wants to emphasize a common characteristic of the world that transcends all living beings: the flows of then considered as beauty and vital energies.