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FAHMIDA ENAM KAKOLI, Kantha Kakani 6, 107cm X 122 cm. Year- 2009, Medium- Acrylic and Collage Canvas. Price- € 30,000



Fahmida Enam Kakoli completed MFA from Institute of Fine  Art, DU in 1997. She arranged four solo painting exhibitions and took part in three duet exhibitions in Bangladesh and South Korea. She participated in more than 50 group exhibitions, 30 art camps and workshops in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Japan, Korea, China, Myanmar and UK. She achieved 5 awards in Bangladesh and UK, and she also achieved a six-month-fellowship award under The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea.Now she is working as a freelance artist and also working as a Curator & Organizer for  Studio48. 

copy of FAHMIDA ENAM KAKOLI, Kantha Kakani 6

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